Who are we ?



AMEL France is a french association stemmed from the movement caring by the non-confessional NGO AMEL Association International, created in 1979 by Dr. Kamel Mohanna. AMEL France cares for an universal and international human rights vision and for the building of a common future with a humanitarian solidarity’s spirit.

 In 2015, the refugee crisis which came from conflict areas (Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan) runs in full collision with Europe. Hundred of thousand people need to leave their countries to escape from war, and there is a lot of them who choose to seek refuge in Europe. The way is long and dangerous, and Europe can’t agree on human’s measures to decently welcome these traumatized people. 

 In this context and with the willingness to help these people AMEL France has been created in May 2015. With it participative approach, its actions of solidarity and advocacy , AMEL France contribute to strengthening and supporting civilian society with purpose to assert rights and needs of the affected populations by any crisis.