About us

The Amel France organisation strives to fight illness in all its form thanks to preventive action, health care and public-interested projects. The protection of the mother and the child is one if its priorities as well as the implementation of literacy classes. The organisation is thus deeply committed to the fight against ignorance, poverty and all kinds of hardships. Amel France sets its heart to foster the involvement of the population in the non-violent resolution approach of social problems. The association also works with refugees and displaced persons by bringing a moral and material support. Amel France wishes to consolidate its projects by promoting the collaboration of public and private actors in the programming of field activities such as social and health services as well as in the development perspective. Finally, the organisation is a strong advocate of civil liberties and works towards the defense and the promotion of Human Rights. 


Mission, Vision and Values  


According to Amel Association International's mission statement and ethics, Amel France strives to:

  • understand and recognize others in our societies of plural and complicated nature ;
  • promote, respect and protect everyone's rights and interests, respectful of legal frameworks and of the principle of equal opportunities, and rejecting economic and social injustices ;

  • promote social commitment through the involvement of volunteers or salaried employees working towards social transformation in order to strengthen social equity ;
  • safeguard respect for and coexistence of cultures and populations supported by Amel as well as their continued participation;
  • develop synergies among civil society organisations and public actors using alliances, partnerships and network approaches;
  • work flexibly in deep connection with social realities on the ground to respond as best as possible to the needs of vulnerable communities ;

  • uphold total transparency in Amel France's agenda and finances.

The Amel France organisation strives to bring humanitarian aid and to support populations at risk or in crisis because of natural disasters, armed conflicts, civil wars, political oppression, violent discrimination or for any other reasons.

 The organisation's vision is based on the « 3P concept »: principle, position and practice. These concepts are linked to each other and are of great resonance in theory as well as on the ground. Amel defends a universal and international vision of Human Rights, a vision of change regarding the construction of a common future within a spirit of solidarity serving today’s world humanitarian causes. Acting as international NGO, Amel France will collaborate with partners in developing countries and with the western world to strengthen the role and develop the capacity of civil society so that it plays a greater role