About us

Amel France

Amel France is an independent civil and non-confessional association. It emerges from Amel Association International, the associative movement initiated and led in Lebanon by Dr. Kamel Mohanna.

Amel France participates in strengthening and supporting civil society in order to assert the rights and needs of populations affected by crisis of whatever nature.

The Amel France organisation aims to provide humanitarian aid and to intervene through solidarity actions with populations at risk due to a natural disaster, an armed conflict, a civil war, violence against political oppression, violent discrimination, or for other reasons.



Who are we?


Amel France is an association resulting from the movement led by the non-confessional Lebanese NGO Amel International Association, created in 1979 by Dr. Kamel Mohanna. Amel is committed to a universal and international vision of human rights and to building a common future with a spirit of human solidarity.

In 2015, the refugee crisis in conflict zones (Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan) hits Europe hard. Hundreds of thousands of people have no choice but to flee the war, and many seek refuge in Europe. The journey is long and dangerous, and Europe does not manage to agree on human measures allowing a dignified welcome for these traumatized people. Most refugees enter Europe through Southern Italy or Greece. They find refuge in transitory camps, in which the living conditions are inhuman.

It is in this context and with the will to help these populations that AMEL France was created in May 2015, with the experience of AMEL Association International with the displaced populations in Lebanon. Its members, mostly experienced humanitarian and medical staff decided to join forces to intervene.

The aim of Amel France is to promote respect for the fundamental rights of every individual, especially those in exile. Through its participatory approach and its actions of solidarity and advocacy, Amel France participates in strengthening and supporting civil society in order to assert the rights and needs of populations affected by a crisis of any kind.




AMEL France aims to promote a new approach of the humanitarian carried by the vision and the work of the Lebanese NGO AMEL International on the French territory. The vision of the association is reflected in the theory of 3P: "Principles defining a Position put into practice". Humanitarian action must be based on a participatory approach that integrates the humanity of everyone, in a positive spirit and in constant solidarity.

In this context, AMEL France works for social transformations for a more just and integrated society; guaranteeing recognition and understanding of the other; and ensuring respect for the fundamental rights of every person, including those of exiles.


Amel France is dedicated to denouncing the conditions of reception of people in exile, and to improve them by direct humanitarian action and development projects.

The daily work of AMEL France consists of moving from an emergency logic to that of development by promoting a participative approach: it is necessary to work for and with the exiled populations and to promote the complementarity and coexistence of different cultures, by federating host populations, different public actors and civil society. AMEL France thus defends a social transformation carried by society.

Therefore, AMEL France aims to develop national and international programs to highlight the complementarity of territories and people. The daily work of AMEL France is based on a solid network in France and abroad.