Our partners

Amel Association International

Amel Association International is a non-for-profit, non-governmental and non-denominational organisation recognized of public utility. The organisation strives to promote social, civil, cultural and economic rights of underprivileged populations in Lebanon. Amel Association International wishes to contribute to the emergence of a strong and committed civil state so as to strengthen national unity and promote democratic values. 




HUMACOOP (Humanitaire et coopération) is a non-for-profit organisation whose objectives are to train humanitarian professionals as well as to make available for this public an information and documentation center on humanitarian and development matters.




Grotius, non-for-profit and media actor, strives to be at the crossroads of varied disciplines, interconnected and linked to the field of humanitarian.


SAWA Consulting

Sawa is a non-for profit consulting agency in the field of security, geopolitics, strategy and operational support for humanitarian actors. 


Philippe Merchez - Photographer

Philippe Merchez is a photographer. He sets his heart to picture the world in order to fight hatred and raise awareness. He considers himself as one of the numerous humanitarian actors and not as a press photographer. Amel France is delighted to be able to display some of his photographs on its website.