Project: Support to the local mobilization in favour of refugees passing through Kos island – Greece

Thanks to a one-month exploratory mission lead by two members of Amel France from October, 8th to November 8th 2015, Amel France has elaborated a project to support the local civil society providing assistance to refugees. After a thorough analysis of needs and practicable solutions, Amel France wishes to implement a project based on the capacity building of its partner on the ground, the organisation Kos-Solidarity, in order to promote sustainability and autonomy.

The project will tackle two specific domains:

- Functional capacity building to improve the implemented activities;

- Capacity building in medical and social support to better the welcoming system of refugees.

To learn more about the project, please download the following document:

Concept note Support to the local mobilization in favor of refugees passing through Kos island - Greece
Concept note_Projet Kos_.pdf (572.73KB)
Concept note Support to the local mobilization in favor of refugees passing through Kos island - Greece
Concept note_Projet Kos_.pdf (572.73KB)

We need your support to carry out this project! 

This is why we would like to solicit your generosity in order to back and congratulate the efforts of the local civil society and bring an adapted humanitarian response to this unprecedented crisis.

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The numerous conflicts in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan have led to important displacements of populations. These conflict-afflicted people have chosen to leave their country to escape the escalating violence and war atrocities. A considerable number of refugees are transiting through Greece. Makeshift and overloaded boats, shipwrecks and drownings are an everyday reality. Moreover, humanitarian aid provided in transit countries is weak due to the lack of funding and of coordination. The day-to-day influx of persons has also added to the precariousness of the situation.

These men, women and children, extremely vulnerable, are deprived from basic services despite the efforts of the local civil society. The deteriorating climate and the conflict perpetuation suggest an increase in the number of refugees transiting through Greece. Thus, daily arrivals were up to 300 persons in September 2015. Around 7000 migrants are currently awaiting the legal documents to continue their journey to their final destination.


At the moment, the municipality of Kos and the Church are not involved in the provision of humanitarian aid. Some migrants have the financial means to secure a hotel room but a majority of them live in makeshift camps. Furthermore, these temporary shelters lack proper sanitation facilities.

Numerous organisations are active on the ground such as Doctors without Borders Greece or the UN Refugee Agency. As far as the local civil society is concerned, Amel France has been in touched with a Collective " Kos Solidarity" providing clothes, meals and hygiene kits to refugees thanks to the generosity of local inhabitants and storekeepers. However, basic needs still require to be covered and the local civil society needs to be backed through capacity building activities. This means strengthening the welcoming infrastructures, providing a logistical support to local partners and raise awareness among local, national and international actors able to bring a financial and logistical aid.


  •   Capacity building activities: training in communication, coordination and project management
  •   Logistical and material support to the local civil society

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